Re: Danelelctro Dirty Thirty amp

I just picked up a used Danelectro Dirty Thirty amp. It has a Dirty/Sweet
knob and whatever it does is awesome! (Also volume and tone, on/off  switch
and headphone jack. That's it.) For a non tube, very, very small amp (one 8"
speaker)  it is really impressive to me. Would like to hear what experience
others have had with it. I will mic it if I'm playing out and it should make
an awesome practise amp. I've got a stomp box in line for reverb.
BTW, I'm going out to hear Gary Primich and local harpist/vocalist Colin
Dussault tonite at Wilbert's in Downtown Cleveland. It's a nice big room.
I'll report on the gig later this weekend.
Harmonica Blu

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