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>Have you tried approaching him politely during a break, introducing
>yourself, explaining your role, asking about what he does musically and
>what he enjoys, then gently move to the subject of "playing out of turn" ?

I tried to keep it short G but now you have me writing more.:-)

The guy gusses most harp players gigs in town. His name is Bob so I guess he 
"Bob's" the gig instead of Gus'. He is 7 reeds short of a Little Lady with a 
Charlie Manson look in his eyes. 

What I left out was that I told him on countless occasions  not to play from 
the audience, that it is rude.  I even gave him the chance to move from the 
audience to the stage since he liked playing along so much. The guy froze on 
stage and couldn't play a note due to stage fright. He walked off before the 1st 
song was over.

Before I cursed him out I told him 3 times that night not to play along. It 
was annoying the audience and the musicians on stage. It took about 4 months of 
dealing with his antics before I went ballistic on him.

I take aside the harp players that DO want to learn proper stage etiquette 
and showmanship and point out things they need to be mindful of. I also let them 
use my rig if  they have chops.  Otherwise I tell them  to play through the 
I told a guy last night that he has great chops  but that he needs to lighten 
up on the fills and let some other players fill around the vocals. I also 
told him not to comp through a guitarist solo. The last bit of advice was to 
record himself at the jam and use it as a learning tool for when and where to play 
in a song. Less can be more. He use to play years ago but is now getting back 
into it.  I think he will be a killer blues player and singer in the coming 

The regular guitarists and bassists at the jam cornered  me 2 weeks ago 
complaining about a new harp player on the scene. I haven't met him yet but 
according to the description he looks and dresses like Howdy Doody.   I was told he 
has all 12 keys but won't play in the proper key even when they tell him. Most 
of the guitarists are aware of 2nd and 3rd position playing  and can tell a  
player what harp to pull out if they aren't certain. 

  I plan on talking to him before he's allowed stage time. If he doesn't 
listen his jamming privileges will be revoked until he learns how to play. 

Michael "Fathead" Easton
Chromatic and diatonic repair and restoration @

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