Re: Multi discipline players / Toni III

I can switch between different alternate tuned diatonics fairly easily.   I find it
only takes about 10 to 20 minutes of warmup for my brain to adapt between say, a
spanish-spiral tuned diatonic and a double-country tuned diatonic before I feel
comfortable with the new diatonic tuning.   

Alternate tuned chromatics aren't so easy for me to switch between.  For several
months, I'd been playing a diminished-tuned chromatic crafted for me by Pat Missin,
when, on a whim, I decided to pull out "Toni III" an augmented-tuned wholetone
chromatic made for me by Seigfried Naruhn.   It took several days for me to stop making
diminished tuning mistakes on Toni. Now I've been playing Toni for the last three weeks
and I don't think I'd want to mess up my wiring by fooling around with a standard or
diminished chromatic right now.

As for switching between diatonic and chromatic generally - there's no adjustment
needed at all.   My brain seems to automatically know that when my button finger is
engaged, it's an entirely different ballgame.   

Finally I want to compliment Seigfried on the fantastic craftmanship that went into
"Toni III".   Built like a Mack Truck, coated in teflon with Seigfried's patented
dimpled mouthpiece and finger-wah holes, incredibly compact, easy button motion, I've
come to appreciate this harp even more today than when he made it for me in 1998.

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