cosmetics/harmonica case

There's something to be said for using the quirky things that just come your way in life.  My girlfriend had an old samsonite (I think) hard plastic case, empty in her garage.  It was designed for cosmetics, I think.  (Rectangular, rounded edges, fake grain, sort of lunch box dimensions.  I've seen them with mirrors when you open the top.)  Now, I'm pretty secure, but I'm glad this one is black!  (Still no mistaking it for a gun case!)  It holds a bullet, 57, both cables, sometimes a peddle and 1 or 2 of those soft, 7-diatonic, folding, masterclass cases.  I've seen them in larger sizes, too.  I bet they can be had at yard sales and thrift stores.  No lock -- which isn't a problem out here in Wyoming -- where everybody knows everybody's business, but we read the paper anyway to see who got caught.  --john k.

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