XB-40 correction

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Pat you are correct thank you for the correction.
I should have written Bb.  My design allows for a half step bend.  The =
bend allows you to bend to near 1 half step above the opposing reed. I =
wrote to B to quickly. =20

>For Example:
>I have the problem in the high notes but I also experienced the problem =

>on the 3 and 4 draw. My "C" XB-40 Harp was set up with one step bends=20
>on each hole, not the two step bends that Rick's design has. Hence the=20
>enabler reed for th hole 4 blow was tuned to "B".=20
In order to get a semitone bend from a C, you would have to tune the
auxiliary to Bb, or thereabouts. If you paired a C reed with a B
auxiliary, you would only be able to bend it by the same amount that
you can bend 5 draw on a standard Richter.

- -- Pat.

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