multitalented Gus

I've been hosting a local blues jam on and off for 5 years now.
There is a guy that use to come in and blow harp from the audience on every 
tune using a C  harp no matter what key the tune is in.  One night he really 
p.o.'ed me because he sat right across from me blowing the ^&**( thing.  I 
cursed him out at the top of my lungs using every curse word in the book. He just 
stared at me like any brain dead person would and started gussin' again until 
the song was done.
He had no clue that it was inappropriate.

Jumping ahead 2 years later I see him again at the jam. This time he brought 
a tambourine. His harmonica must have died. So now he Gusses on the  
tambourine. At least he can keep time with the tunes.<sigh>.

Michael "Fathead" Easton
Chromatic and diatonic repair and restoration @

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