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I was at The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury, UK last night to see Memo
Gonzalez and the Bluescasters.  (One of Europe's top blues band in my
opinion - if they can be called European as Memo is from Dallas, TX).

I didn't even joke about gussing to Memo as he is a huge man and would
most likely have killed me.


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I was at the Farnham Maltings last night, seeing the fabulous Connie
Lush and Blues Shouter . At half time I asked Connie if she would be
playing one of my favourite songs off her album in the second half. She
told me she would. I then asked her if she knew what key it was in, as
I'd been wanting to play my harmonica along to the record and wasn't
sure I had the right key. She didn't know - " I just sing what I'm told,
go ask Johnny".

When I approached Johnny, I explained that Connie had told me they would
be playing "Standin" one of my favourite tracks and could he tell me
what key it was in as I'd just started learning harmonica and wanted to
play along to the CD. He told me it was in C, and then a look of horror
came over his face as he said  "You're not going to play along in there,
are you?"  I thought of the Gussing thread and just laughed as I
reassured him that I didn't have any harmonicas on me.



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