A visit to Rod Piazza's Home

                 Saw "Rod Piazza and The Mighty Flyers here in Indianapolis
last Tuesday night. That's always a treat. My buddy, Sonny, bought me a copy
of a video Rod was selling called, "Blues Harp Experience". If you ever
wondered what it would be like to go over to Rod's house, and see his
microphone and amp collection,  his favorite blues LP's, and years of
pictures he's taken of some of the blues greats he's played and toured with,
plus get his take on learning to play blues harp and chrom then get this
video. It's just $10, and it's very entertaining and informative. The sound
quality isn't the greatest, but it's a gas!!!   Even has a nice segment of
the band playing a local club, and Rod doing his thing out in the audience.
Best regards,


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