harmonica cases, or attention Wallmart shoppers!

Hi Everyone,
I honestly believe that the most important thing is that ALL of you keep
your harps in some sort of case!
A rectangular shaped, alumunium case intended for a pistol seems as good
as anything. I have used the Hohner black plastic case for years, until I
needed allot more harps then it can hold. Now I find that the Fender tweed
case can hold dozzens of harps, my glasses, and a small flashlight. For
normal people it would hold a mike and chord and set of harps, but I feel
I need several sets of harps. I used a tweed trumpet case secesfully for
Howard Levy and Mike Stevens have used tackle box's.
>From the description, I don't think the case mentioned actually looks like
a gun case. Anyway, in allot of NORMAL places in the country, people are
allowed to have firearms. But if it really looks like a gun case, it would
wise to not use it as an instrument case.
Where I live in South Carolina, it is illigal to bring firearms into a bar.
Even though you are allowed to have them in your car.
I am always thinking a step or 2 ahead. Even though your case draws
attention, but turns out to be perfectly legal, do you want a policeman to
make you blow into a bretholizer, or look in your ashtray?

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