Commercil Spotting

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Since I'm on the Jingle thing tonite, as I was sitting at my laptop =
watching TV (I know, the ultimate couch potato!),
I heard a jingle I played for TV . It's for the new Pepperidge Farm =
"mini" snacks Mini Milanos etc...yum!!,-)) There are a few different =
spots it's an animated commercial of little trucks delivering these =
little packs of cookies!

    It's just a simple Melody, I'm using a 1st position Diatonic in the =
keys of G & A, The melody was written out, I tried it on Chromatic but =
the producer liked the texture of the Diatonic better for this  =
.........we'll now I'm thinkin' about a the couch and =
into the kitchen,-).............rob paparozzi

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