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A few years ago some friends of mine got the idea that it would be fun and
profitable to rent a hall, buy a couple of kegs of beer, and charge
admission to a private party with live music.  I came along to do some
vocals. After a couple of hours the floor was covered with a thin layer of
beer and audience members were flopping around like seals or walruses on
land.  We took a break and noticed that a couple of audience members had
hopped up on the stage and were singing.  The microphones were off, and they
hadn't noticed.  We got them off the stage.  We shut things down shortly
thereafter.  Fortunately I wasn't one of the investors.  There was some
damage to the bathrooms that ate up all the profits.  The good thing was
that there was no violence when we made the audience go home early.

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> You're right - my band enjoys audience interaction - whoops, jokes,
> doing the bird dance. But I think in most cases people know where to
> draw the line. People would be ticked off if someone set up an amp or
> drum kit and played from the crowd, but some people (usually drunk
> buddies) don't see it the same way when it comes to harp. Maybe it's
> related to the fact that it still isn't taken all that seriously as an
> instrument? If you're a gusser then maybe you fall into that camp.
> Though, after my initial reaction - let me reiterate that Michelle's
> experience seems to be different sanctioned gussing, or whatever.
> Just my thoughts...
> cheers
> Andrew
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> > On the other hand, if you are there to entertain and the audience is
> > there to
> > have fun, it serves the needs of both groups to have the audience
> > participate, up to a point.  Such an audience can accomodate a little
> > gussing (with
> > performer control) and the audience might even wish to hear the
> > "pretender" perform.
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