Re: Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

I have a Stainless Steel tray ,about 9'' by 8'' that screws onto my mike
stand. I keep all the likely candidates handy,and my case nearby
Rob V
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Subject: Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

> How do you veterans (or neophytes) handle your diatonics on stage?
> I've been using the Fender Mississippi Sax case at blues Jams - works
> OK, enough room for 20 'tonics, couple chroms, and a mic, BUT I can't
> always find someplace to put it that's convenient for key changes,
> etc.
> The belt that Hohner makes wasn't gonna cut it.
> Likewise a 7-harp case I modified to hang on a mic stand.
> I finally broke down and had a vest made (with 24 harmonica
> pockets)...this at least makes me more mobile. Some of my playing is
> pure acoustic at Bluegrass Jams, so being able to wander from circle
> to circle is a big plus.
> So....what about youse guys?
> -Scorcher
> P.S. -why so many pockets? They're not ALL full, but I carry at least
> one of each key I'm going to be playing in (there's 7+), a back-up for
> any that are dodgy(2-3 more), some low-octaves (D, F, E) a 365 SBS, at
> least one chromatic, a solo, an octave......It's a heavy vest.
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