Re: Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

- --- Scorcher <s_c_o_r_c_h_e_r@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've actually been "verbally reprimanded" for
> using one of those plastic milk crates to set my 
> Fender case on.
> Seems they're "never to be sold" - Like a U-Haul
> truck. But then, I live in the "PRC" (People's 
> Republic of California)!

Ahhh... the dreaded "Milk Crate Police", eh? Hah!
Only in California. Just tell them you didn't ~buy~
it. I've been borrowing mine for about 10 years now
and have no intention to sell. ;-)

Harpin' in Colorado,
- --Ken M.

"When you speak of Walter Horton, the first thing you think of is his tone, that big, fat tone."
- ---Li'l Ronnie Owens

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