Harp Vest

Scorcher - Saw your post on Harp-L about your harp vest. I use the 
7-slot zipper pouch for carrying some harps in the car, but not to jams 
or gigs. (my "Gussin'" is limited to the confines of the commute). I 
have also made an 8-slot leather belt for on-stage, and find myself 
wanting more slots. Just 2 more! Awright, maybe 4 more! But by then, a 
belt becomes a little cumberbun-some. It would seem that way to me, I 
believe, and I thing a vest or suspenders-type thing would work better. 
Do you have a pattern for the vest you made? That you would share? I am 
somewhat of an AMATEUR leatherworker who is more function-oriented than 
aesthetics-oriented. It would have to serve its purpose, THEN be 
somewhat presentable. Up on stage, no one could see the scratchy details 

For my belt, I worked out a pattern for the individual leather pouches, 
sewed them together, one at a time, onto a long piece of leather that's 
wide enough to have a belt loop folded over. I run a regular belt 
through the loop. Each pouch has a "finger hole" at the bottom of it so 
I can pop up the harp. Since I'm not gonna make them for anyone else, 
I'd be more than happy to share if you know somwone who would want to 
make their own.

Anyone else on the list know of anyone who does simple leather work who 
could work with me on a vest or suspenders-type thing?

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