Re: Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

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>      I've had the Harmonica Masterclass Case...My
mic and 
> harp go in the first two round holes when I'm not
blowing, and 
> importantly, the third holds my beer.... I used to
use a Plano 
tacklebox... but it was too bulky to have next to me 
> at the front of the stage so it went back by the
drums. It was 
hard to switch 
> harps mid tune and it didn't hold my beer.
>      Ryan

kids, he's not kidding. i've seen Ryan (and his primo
band, the 
Blue Hearts) a couple of times now and that boy is
never on 
stage without his beverage. i'm just waiting for him
to grab the 
drink instead of the mic one night and splash himself
in the face 
;) kidding... Ryan and his band are GREAT. no lie. go
see 'em...


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