Re: Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

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> How do you veterans (or neophytes) handle your diatonics on stage?
     I've had the Harmonica Masterclass Case for a couple of years now and I 
love it. It's expensive but worth it. All my harps are right there. My mic and 
harp go in the first two round holes when I'm not blowing, and most 
importantly, the third holds my beer. I have a few minor complaints. There are 10, 2 
level diatonic spots when 12 would make a little more sense, even if I don't 
have doubles of F# and Eb. (I did just write a tune in Ab which annoys even me) 
Also the constant threading and unthreading of the case onto a mic stand has 
stripped the fitting. I have a dedicated stand for this and the two have worn 
into each other well enough that this is not a huge deal.
     I used to use a Plano tacklebox and kept it on the floor. Since I was 
usualy the sideman I had the harp and the mic in my hands all night and that was 
it. As I moved up front I eventually bought a wooden stool to put the box on 
which was a little easier on the back but it was too bulky to have next to me 
at the front of the stage so it went back by the drums. It was hard to switch 
harps mid tune and it didn't hold my beer.

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