re: Handling diatonics on stage...

>P.S. -why so many pockets? They're not ALL full, but
I carry at least one of each key I'm going to be
playing in (there's 7+), a back-up for
any that are dodgy(2-3 more), some low-octaves (D, F,
E) a 365 SBS, at
least one chromatic, a solo, an octave......It's a
heavy vest.>

yowza! that's gotta be some outfit. all you need now
is a quiver on your back for the chord harp. i can
imagine you slinging that thing out like a sword on
stage! ;) but where do you hide the bass?? ;)
the case i use (i plan to take photos some day...) is
just a few hairs larger than the Miss. Sax (but loads
cheaper!) and i just keep all my stuff in it. the way
i have it set up, it's easy to grab a harp (ive got 13
short), the chro is right up front, and i have an SBS
under that, which is a snap to retrieve. sometimes, if
i can't find a chair, i'll grab a drummer's seat
(sometimes there's an extra, i dunno why) or i'll just
put it on the floor in front of me.. worse comes to
worse, i'll put a few harps in my pockets if i know
certain keys are coming up. 


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