Re: Performers VS Entertainers!

 Lee Lewis says:


> if you are there to entertain and the audience is there to
> have fun, it serves the needs of both groups to have the audience
> participate, up to a point.


You make an interesting point. Still, I can't remember seeing anyone
carrying their Fernandez (It's a little electric guitar with a
built-in "amp" & speaker), or even a tambourine to a bar/club/concert
venue I've attended, for the purpose of "participating" in the
performance (or "entertainment").

At a Bonfiglio concert, I wouldn't even SPEAK during a number (I might
whisper). At a bar/club/concert venue that's OK. At some concert
venues (& most bars) it's fine to dance, but dancin' ain't Gussin'.

In most cases (with rare exceptions), Gussing is not "participating".

- -Scorcher

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