Handling diatonics on stage, etc.

How do you veterans (or neophytes) handle your diatonics on stage?

I've been using the Fender Mississippi Sax case at blues Jams - works
OK, enough room for 20 'tonics, couple chroms, and a mic, BUT I can't
always find someplace to put it that's convenient for key changes,

The belt that Hohner makes wasn't gonna cut it.

Likewise a 7-harp case I modified to hang on a mic stand.

I finally broke down and had a vest made (with 24 harmonica
pockets)...this at least makes me more mobile. Some of my playing is
pure acoustic at Bluegrass Jams, so being able to wander from circle
to circle is a big plus.

So....what about youse guys?

- -Scorcher

P.S. -why so many pockets? They're not ALL full, but I carry at least
one of each key I'm going to be playing in (there's 7+), a back-up for
any that are dodgy(2-3 more), some low-octaves (D, F, E) a 365 SBS, at
least one chromatic, a solo, an octave......It's a heavy vest.

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