RE: Walmart Harp Case -Security Issues

I carry my diatonics in the widely available 7 slotted nylon/zippered carrying cases that I'm sure many others have.  One has the name of a certain Danish player in large white letters on it, the other has Blues Tools in blue lettering down in one corner.

I occasionally work 2nd shift, which means I'm on my way home (25 mile trip) at night.  

It has occurred to me that these cases, in the dark, laying on the seat next to me, resemble the cases that are sold to hold a pistol.  And most of my harps are shiny metal, too.

I have often wondered what might happen if I am stopped at a DUI checkpoint, or just pulled over some night on my way home. 

I envision an officer peering into my vehicle, seeing the cases, and yelling "Gun, Gun!" while drawing his own side-arm.  And me with my hands on the wheel yelling "Harmonicas, Harmonicas!"

It's both funny and scary at the same time.  Imagine having to play for officer after such an occurrence.  I hope the situation never occurs.

Kevin Larkin

AMSOIL Independent Dealer



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