Attention Wal Mart Shoppers....

I took a trip down to my local Wal Mart to check out the before mentioned
pistol case. I have been looking for a nice sized case to handle harps, mic,
cable & accessories. The aluminum case @ $29.99 was not any where to be seen
but....I found something that was in my mind even better and much cheaper!

In the same sports dept. They had a black plastic pistol case that is made
by Plano (the tackle box people) Model 1404 4 Pistol Case. This is a
lightweight unit that has three layers of foam that I am sure I will be able
to "carve up" to my specs. Nice size, not too small , not too big. On the
outside it just looks like a simple carrying case with an engraving of an
Eagle in a nature scene. Nice secure hinge and closing latches. All this for
only $7.23!!!!

Yes indeed...gotta watch the cash so I can afford to score some more custom
diatonics...I wouldn't Gus with anything less....:-)


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