RE: Walmart Harp Case -Security Issues

Barbeque Bob Maglinte Wrote:
Just think of the hassle you'd get into at the airport security or when
crossing the border! It may be a nice case, but clearly, you're asking for
trouble, getting yourself in serious hornet's nest! To me, this would be
more hassle than what it's worth."
Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

Johnny "Big Bad" Wolfe Replies:
Howdy, BBQ Bob.
I don't think you'd have any problems whatsoever in getting this case
through Customs or Security.
I carry it across the border into Canada -about 10 miles away- and back
First, there's nothing about the case that inherently states "weapon".
It's just a neat, plain, well-made, rectangular aluminum case with no
Second, it can be quickly opened to allow inspection if need be.  (I've
never been asked to open it.)
I suppose if they asked you to open it, then you might have to play a song
on your harps.
Now THAT could bomb! <BG>.
I hope this dispels any possible apprehension you or others might have about
traveling with your harps in this case.
Keep On a-Huffin'
Johnny "Big Bad" Wolfe

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