Harmonica Electronic Smart passport!!!!!!

We always knew that the harmonica opens doors. finally Nigeria is 
getting in on the act.

Introducing the Harmonica Passport!!

(see full story at http://allafrica.com/stories/200309240414.html)

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Nigeria Threatens to Close Borders With Chad, Niger Republic

  Daily Trust  (Abuja)
  September 24, 2003

The federal government has said it may be forced to order the closure 
of Nigeria's borders with Chad and Niger Republic to ensure the safety 
of lives and property of its citizenry.

She said that since these crimes were carried out across national 
borders by people who exploit weak travel documents and other 
immigration facilities, the service has initiated security strategies 
such as securing travel documents by introducing the ICAO standard 
machine readable passport in 1998 and would soon introduce the 
Harmonica ECOWAS Electronic Smart machine-readable passport.


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