Re: Harmonica Grant

>Greets all,
>One of my band mates is writing a grant for teaching elementary 
>school children the harmonica.
>I told her about the 4 hole model that Hohner makes (I have had 
>success with little people on the
>very same).
>She just wrote me that she needs a catchy title for her harmonica grant.
>She wrote me that,
>" Every title my lunch buddies and I thought of wasn't appropriate 
>for school aged children..."
>Anybody have any catchy titles on the tip of their tongue ?
>Any guidance the list might offer a harmonica grant writer would 
>also be most welcome I am sure.
>Many thanks,
>Still Bill Hunneke
   She can always use my "OLD" business card LOGO    "REED MY LIPS"
   I have since changed it to                        "KISS MY BRASS" @reg.

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