Re: toxicity of sealants

>the Leones wrote:
>>  *  See, here we go with the multi-million dollar lawsuit thingie, 
>>(America's answer to everything). If you don't think you like the 
>>sealant (stabilized Brasil-Nut oil), don't buy the 
>I'm with Smokey-joe on this one.  I wasn't really thinking in terms 
>of lawsuits myself, only that if there seems to be any doubt (such 
>as has been raised in this forum), that it might keep some folks 
>from using this harp.

   ** Yeah, seriously though, Hering has ALWAYS been suspicious when 
it came to wierd tastes coming from their harmonicas. I have several 
chromatics which, when new, tasted like mineral oil. Since "Parafin 
Liquid" and "Liquid Parafin" seem to have been used over history? to 
cover TWO completely different compounds, I don't have an answer to 
this dilema.

   I DO know that when an engine (IN ENGLAND) is described as a 
"Parafin Burning Engine", this means that it is a DIESEL. ALSO, jet 
aircraft engines AND turbo-prop engines are described as being 
"Parafin Burning". Parafin is, in fact, a derivative of crude oil and 
is "Cracked-Off" (in a refinery) at a certain level of the cracking 
   Lamp oil (Hurricane lamp) usually has the words "liquid Parafin" on 
the label.

   Conclusion: ????? Hering uses SOME sort of goofy tasting oil to 
lubricate their chromatic slides. The oil on their diatonics tastes 
the SAME (at least to me). I can live with it. I have used 3 n'one, 
mineral oil, castor oil, lt sewing mach oil, trumpet oil, whale oil, 
mixtures of dw40+other junk. It's all the same to me, as I DON't seem 
to be alergic to ANYTHING.

   And, I agree with you 100%. It would be a shame if people got the 
wrong idea and avoided a perfectly good (or promising) product 
because of "Negative Waves"
THIS is where you and BBQ Bob have very valid concerns.

>   This would be a real shame because like Barbeque Bob, I think this 
>a really nice product.  I'm personally willing to give Hering the 
>benefit of the doubt that they haven't used a harmeful finish and 
>will continue enjoying my new harp.

   * Keep in mind RISK is (at least in MY experience) of less 
importance in foreign countries as it is here in the U.S. Living 9 of 
my first 18 yrs in Italy, I was always amazed at the non-chalance 
people exhibited while carrying out their daily activities. Of course 
the same was true here in the U.S. when us KIDS were playing and 
EVERYTHING we did back then was "Death Defying".

>So Smokey, is it really stabilized Brasil-Nut oil?

   * Oh golly gosh, I was just "funnin". Hering is from Brasil, we 
WERE talking about oil, so it was too good to pass up. BTW stay away 
from "ORGANIC" oils as they will TURN on you. Nothing animal or 

>Howard Chandler
>Who would hate to think that hering would have to force a thousand 
>rabbets to play "Lady of Spain" to prove it's safe.

   * I think in Brasil they would use Capybaras


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