Re: Confessions of a Gusser

I found this while reading about the Texas based psycedelic band from 
the 60's, the 13th Floor Elevators.  It's an excerpt from a 
web-published book "Life as an Elevator"  by former band member Amiel N. 
Pouadahka.   I thought it might be appropriate to this thread.  At the 
very least, food for thought. 

.... Tommy shouted from the back to be heard over the blaring radio, "It 
really shows what kind of people we are," he said.  "What do you mean by 
that?" I asked.  "Well you see there are three kinds of people in this 
world, one-eyed, two-eyed, and three eyed." he answered.
I shook my head affirmatively but I did not have a clue about what he 
was saying. I shake my head again giving him an indication that I want 
him to continue. "The one-eyed men are the ones who spend all of their 
lifetimes watching other people to make sure that there are no rules 
disobeyed. They lay in wait to catch someone doing something wrong and 
then report the incident to the enforcers." Tommy explained. ""Oh yeah, 
I see man, do you mean like cops, soldiers, government 
that, the karma police?" I ask. "Yeah," he says, "like hall moniters in 
grade school taking names and kicking ass. They carry the rules around 
in their pockets so they can refer to it and make notes on anyone who is 
breaking them. One-eyed men have a rule for every situation. Every 
action is either right or wrong depending on the rule book. See what I 
mean man?" he queries. "Yeah, I understand, like a world of absolute 
dicotomy where a person can only exist in only one state at any given 
time." I answer. He pauses and I nod with an expression of prodding 
inquisition so he continues. "But two-eyed men, they are different." he 
says. "They are the manipulating spin doctors that will take either side 
of an issue depending on which side is in their best interest. They 
flip-flop from one opinion to another filling the mold like melted 
plastic. They have no ethical basis for their reasoning. They 
persuasively and charismaticly establish themselves in positions of 
authority where they remain unchallanged. They maintain their power and 
control sometimes indefinitely. They are the leaders, kings, presidents, 
dictators, and generals who fill the power fields left by the less 
capable one-eyed enforcers." Tommy explains. "Yeah, but what about the 
three-eyed people?" I ask. "The three-eyed people are the freethinkers. 
Freethinkers have been around since the beginning of time but they keep 
a low profile." he answers. "That is why they are hard to identify. The 
intelligencia represent a threat to the establishment so they stay 
underground. It's either that or be crucified,"...

If you found this usefull, great.  If not, delete it and forget about it.

Howard Chandler

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