Re: Confessions of a Gusser

I'd like to think most on list would agree that Michelle's experience was 
unique and maybe not even "gussing" in the traditional sense. She was just 
playing along quietly at her teacher's gig and with his blessing. Let's not get too 
bent out of shape on this.

Additional harp / (gus) content. Last night I went out again to the open 
blues jam at Bill's Blues in Evanston, IL. It's a great harp friendly jam with 
lot's of good players including some local pros. There was some "gussin' goin' 
on" and while it caused me to roll my eyes and think of this thread, no one else 
seemed to much give a damn as long as nobody got in the bands face with it.

T. Albanese 

In a message dated 9/24/2003 12:03:21 PM Central Standard Time, 
mlefree@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> The reason I posted my "Confession" was to show that, contrary to popular
> opinion in a supportive environment, the experience of playing quietly in
> the corner of a gig where the performer willingly encourages this activity
> can be a terrific learning experience.  That is exactly what I was
> doing--learning, not attempting to grab some of Harry's well-deserved
> "limelight".  

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