Re: Confessions of a Gusser

I gus sometimes.  I often have a harp with me and I like to practice picking
out the key of a song or picking up a melody.  I don't go to many concerts
and never go to a bar so I've never gused live music.  I've gused elevator
music, church music, CD's, radio, etc.  Actually, now that I think of it, I
also sing barbershop and will occasionally gus a barbershop quartet.  Now
that's rude.  But I always do it with a hidden harp (even though everyone
who knows me knows I always have a harp),  I am never loud enough for anyone
to hear.  I usually go off into a corner to do it.  I someone notices then I
put the harp back in my pocket.

Sometimes I wait till after a performance to try a song out on harp.

I'm not performing I'm ear training, or just curious.

I love my harps.  I love the sound of my own playing.  Why carry harps
everywhere if I'm not going to use them?


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