RE: XB-40 in C: high notes squeaking?

Hello Bob and the list

I'd like to stop any potential flame.
The goal is certainly not to rant non stop or to make non-constructive
My goal is to:
	-Identify if this is a technique problem on my side or a production problem
or a design limitation.
	-If this is not my technique, find if there is a way of tweaking the harp.
	-If there is no way of tweaking the harp, find if I can have my harp
changed or reimbursed.

So far, it seems that this is a problem with the harp as we are at least
four of us having the problem.

I've called my local hohner repairer who's told me that I should contact
Rick Epping to better understand if this is a default.

So I'd like to collect as much information as possible in order to give Rick
a good description of the problem.

Thanks for your inputs.


>> Hi all
>> OK, so there seems to be a problem on the XB-40 in C.
>> Now the question is, what can we do? Is hohner supposed
>> to fix or change the harp in this case0?
>> Or is it possible to tweak it ourselves? I hope this is
>> not a limitation of the design.
> >
> > Without wanting to offend anybody (certainly not Rick Epping), and as it
> > seems that I'm not the only one who has the problem, how can hohner
> > produce an Extreme Bending harp which hardly produces the regular high
> > Especially at 95 euros.
> > After the very bad story of the harp availability,
> > it could do big harm to the product.
> > Please don't misunderstand me: I really like the idea and I think the XB
> > is the best recent innovation of the harp industry. I really hope this
> > harp is gonna be a very big success.
> >
> >    Laurent
> Hi,
> In many was it kinda compares to the initial year of introduction of a new
> model car, or model change of one, where what the automobile companies
> weren't telling people that they're still working out the bugs and you're
> the guinea pigs for them. The first 3-4 years of the MS series on harps
> lower than the key of C bending notes in the lower end of the scale tended
> to be much tougher even for a well seasoned player until they retooled in
> 1995/96, going with the longer slot reed setup using a thicker,
> softer brass
> and that's according to Rick Epping himself. I think everyone should write
> to Rick explaining their experiences with this, and try to make any
> criticism more constructive, and if you got any solution, especially in
> terms of being feasible production line cost wise, it will get their ear,
> but if you go off on them ranting non stop, it'll fall on deaf ears.
> Sincerely,
> Barbeque Bob Maglinte
> Boston, MA

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