Re: XB-40 in C: high notes squeaking?

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Subject: RE: XB-40 in C: high notes squeaking?

> Hi all
> OK, so there seems to be a problem on the XB-40 in C. Now the question is,
> what can we do? Is hohner supposed to fix or change the harp in this case?
> Or is it possible to tweak it ourselves? I hope this is not a limitation
> the design.
> Without wanting to offend anybody (certainly not Rick Epping), and as it
> seems that I'm not the only one who has the problem, how can hohner
> an Extreme Bending harp which hardly produces the regular high notes?
> Especially at 95 euros. After the very bad story of the harp availability,
> it could do big harm to the product.
> go
> Please don't misunderstand me: I really like the idea and I think the XB
> the best recent innovation of the harp industry. I really hope this harp
> gonna be a very big success.
>    Laurent

In many was it kinda compares to the initial year of introduction of a new
model car, or model change of one, where what the automobile companies
weren't telling people that they're still working out the bugs and you're
the guinea pigs for them. The first 3-4 years of the MS series on harps
lower than the key of C bending notes in the lower end of the scale tended
to be much tougher even for a well seasoned player until they retooled in
1995/96, going with the longer slot reed setup using a thicker, softer brass
and that's according to Rick Epping himself. I think everyone should write
to Rick explaining their experiences with this, and try to make any
criticism more constructive, and if you got any solution, especially in
terms of being feasible production line cost wise, it will get their ear,
but if you go off on them ranting non stop, it'll fall on deaf ears.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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