RE: XB-40 in C: high notes squeaking?

Hi all

OK, so there seems to be a problem on the XB-40 in C. Now the question is,
what can we do? Is hohner supposed to fix or change the harp in this case?
Or is it possible to tweak it ourselves? I hope this is not a limitation of
the design.

Without wanting to offend anybody (certainly not Rick Epping), and as it
seems that I'm not the only one who has the problem, how can hohner produce
an Extreme Bending harp which hardly produces the regular high notes?
Especially at 95 euros. After the very bad story of the harp availability,
it could do big harm to the product.

Please don't misunderstand me: I really like the idea and I think the XB is
the best recent innovation of the harp industry. I really hope this harp is
gonna be a very big success.


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> Yes, my XB-40 in C has this problem pretty acutely.  The unbent 10
> hole blow is almost unplayable (the bend is impossible), and the nine
> and 10 draw squeal terribly on a bend.  I haven't opened mine up yet,
> I talked with Paul Harrington at our HOOT meeting last week and he
> has the same problem with his C.  I'm tempted to send it back to
> Hohner for adjustment.  In the mean time, I'm working on other
> things...
> -tim

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