Re: Chromatic octave tips? - scales - Clarke?

>Thanks G,
>I  support Howard Chandler's point about the support provided by this list.
>My recent switch from Diatonic to Chromatic has been assisted 
>greatly by a lot of people like yrself as well as Jp, Dave Brown, 
>Larry pratt, Mitch Weiss, and some others (sorry i don't have all yr 
>names here but I - i have yr posts at home).

>   All provided lots of advice in helping me choose one and get me 
>started and last night I was cursing for not having switched before.

   First of all, you shouldn't feel that way. ANY work with a 
harmonica is GOOD work. Strangely there are a lot of players on this 
list who don't converse very much about chromatics HERE. I guess a 
lot of us feel that this is mainly a diatonic list. (No, don't toss 
bricks). I myself am basically a chromatic player who happens to play 
some diatonic. On THIS side of the mountain, I basically LEARN as the 
clientelle here is of the "monster" category.
   I started chromatic FIRST. Not sure if that was smart either.

>while the two instruments are very different it's amazing how much 
>the legwork of learning other modes/positions has benefitted and I 
>strongly advise all other beginners to start learning 3rd positon 
>now... I would have stuck in 2nd all my life if it wasn't for the 
>urging of folks here.


>My grimaces have helped out enormously for octaves -  jam that cx12 
>mouthpiece in damn hard and bite like a rabid mongrel on a burglar's 
>ankle -

   Octaves are easy once you get the hang, but I wouldn't agree with 
the "Jamming" scenario. For chromatic, you want to stand FARTHER away 
from the thing and barely touch it - or your lips will pay the price. 
Also, don't neglect 3rds 5ths 7ths and double stops, splits, and MY 
favorites 1-block-block-4-5s

>  - but what would I know, word on the street is I squeal like a pig 
>on my LOs anyway.
>Hohner won't have anything to complain about with the deductions 
>from my next two paychecks. Here's to the makings of my first real 

   First pay the rent and buy the food. Don't become a "Compulsive" (: 

>For all the folk out there who also take the time to put up webpages 
>too - they are being read and definitely appreciated.
>thanks again.
>'pigboy' crowley
>  >>> "G

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