Re: Chromatic octave tips? - scales - Clarke?

Thanks G,

I  support Howard Chandler's point about the support provided by this list.

My recent switch from Diatonic to Chromatic has been assisted greatly by a lot of people like yrself as well as Jp, Dave Brown, Larry pratt, Mitch Weiss, and some others (sorry i don't have all yr names here but I - i have yr posts at home).  All provided lots of advice in helping me choose one and get me started and last night I was cursing for not having switched before.

while the two instruments are very different it's amazing how much the legwork of learning other modes/positions has benefitted and I strongly advise all other beginners to start learning 3rd positon now... I would have stuck in 2nd all my life if it wasn't for the urging of folks here.

My grimaces have helped out enormously for octaves -  jam that cx12 mouthpiece in damn hard and bite like a rabid mongrel on a burglar's ankle -

 - but what would I know, word on the street is I squeal like a pig on my LOs anyway.

Hohner won't have anything to complain about with the deductions from my next two paychecks. Here's to the makings of my first real arsenal.

For all the folk out there who also take the time to put up webpages too - they are being read and definitely appreciated.

thanks again.

'pigboy' crowley

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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 11:27:57 +1000
From: Mark Crowley <Mark.Crowley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Chromatic octave tips? - scales - Clarke?

G's website advises practisng yr smiles - and practice them lots!

Not being a happy-jack at best of times it's a real bummer for me too - must
be the chimpanzee inside.

// Well you could practise your grimaces instead - it works just as well.

// When building up embouchure strength for playing sax its one of the
exercises.  One suggestion is to say "Cheeeeeeeese".  The other exercise is
to pucker and whistle or to say "Oooooh".
// So you say "Ooooh!  Cheeeeeese!  Oooooh!  Cheeeeeese! ...."

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