[Fwd: New Project from FREEHARP.IT - Italian Jazz duo]

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I'm forwarding a message from Italian harmonica player Fabio Testa.  The
message provides links to recent recordings by Testa and his guitarist
(whose name I don't know).  The recordings feature acoustic diatonic
harmonica and vocals on a variety of jazz pieces.  They're well-recorded
and played, and I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Regards, Richard Hunter

I'm writing to comunicate you that a new project from the Italian Jazz Duo
(IJD) is on line at the url:

The project is about italian's jazz songs...

Another update is on line at the following url:

Four new songs added: Tenderly, A foggy day, Fly me to the moon, Satin doll

Hope you enjoy... :)

Fabio Testa

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