Re: Gus Hate Me

<quote MN on Drunken Baffoon Stage Stormers>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 13:09:24 +0000
From: "M. N." <mnessmith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Gus Hate Me
As I said to the rest of the band backstage, why the hell is it always the

Yeah we get our share of them here too.
Your mistake was you were "NODDING NO", you should always sternly stare them
in the eye unwavering and give a single slow shake of the head.

But its not ~ALWAYS~ the harmonica players.  We have a couple of singers who
have been a curse, and they don't even have to hold anything to let loose
with their accursed instruments of aural torture.  Grabbing every mic on the
stage including the sax players (me), the percussionists, or whatever...

Singers who aren't musicians (as oppossed to singers who are musicians and
know how to work WITH a band) are the pits... especially  the drunk ones who
think they can sing, but can't... worse, they think they're sexy and flaunt
it... and they AREN'T!


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