Re: DIY Custom Mic Grip (a little longish)

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 22:44:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jp Pagan <jpl_pagan@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: DIY Custom Mic Grip (a little longish)

a few days ago i got an SM-57, which many of you
know can be a bit rough to grip. cramping happens
fast. well, here's my idea. you can use Fimo

- -jp

Hi there JP,
  I had trouble with cramp when using the SM57.
I tried a number of things with it including making an inverted conical foam
padding around the head.   In the end I just gave up because I was happy
with my Bullets and preferred the SM58 for my chromatic and sax.

That is until Luca emailed me when he spotted my comments about this on

His suggestion to me was: hold the head of the mic with your third and
fourth (pinky) fingers of your left hand to wrap around the head of the mic
leaving the rest of your hand to hold the harp, then cup your right hand
around the harmonica and mic.

This works for me a lot better, and now I find with this slightly altered
grip its very practical to use the mic as is.   I keep a strip of tape
around the seam to stop the head swiveling and give me better stability.
But this makes mics like the earlier Shure 545D more practical options to

As it is I've blown my current rig budget on a hoard of mics from John.  :)

Try it out and see how you go.
- -- G.

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