Re: Big Walter's Customized Harp

Mark Crowley says

> The outrageous claims of the pro-customising posts


> after Pat Missin's informative comment on the construction of the LO
actually talked me out of considering laying a dollar down for
> anything beyond detailed gapping and tuning by a practitioner far
more experienced than myself.
> The blokes talked themselves out of a sale.
> Why a pay 'a good day's wage' in customisation when half that day is
spent bringing a leaky brand new Hohner to the stock standard of an
out of box LO?

That's what you got out of Pat Missin's post?

There's plenty of reason to lay out a good days wage:
You get a more sensitive, responsive instrument, crafted by the hands
of an artisan.

Lee Oskars are more consistent and durable than the average stock
_______ (fill in the blank) harmonica, that's true.
But they have a "unique sound" that a lot of players don't like, and
they squeal like a pig if not properly set up.

McDonalds hamburgers and Starbucks coffee are benchmarks of
"consistency" - doesn't mean they're high quality, though.

Don't get me wrong, I play 'em - I play Hohners, too, though, and a
customized Hohner (even a well-tweaked one) is a VASTLY different
instrument than a stock Oskar.

Come to think of it, if you can't differentiate between a customized
harmonica and a stock Oskar, maybe you SHOULD save your dough.

- -Scorcher

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