Re: Gus Hate Me

 Anymore Gig from beyound stories out there?  I could use a Monday am
> laugh.

Ever listened to Son Seals' "Live and Burning"? There's a Gus on it and you
can hear the guy screaming between songs. At one point you can hear Son say
to him "Don't bother me boy, can't you see me workin'?".

I used to play at a small bar about 15 years ago called "Mo & Joyce's" which
had its share of regulars, most of which were affiliated with the same
organization of "motorcycle enthusiasts". One night a small group of fools
came in drunk and didn't have the sense to notice that they were the only
ones not wearing leather jackets with insignias. One of the group (that
would be Gus) insisted on sitting-in and wouldn't leave me alone so I pulled
out a harp that I keep handy for such drunks ( I affectionately call it "the
hepatitis special") and let him dig himself deeper. He did his little bit
(badly) and the crowd let him know what time it was. This Einstein then
proceeded to abuse the crowd from the stage using his middle finger and a
vocal mic so I went to help him down (no lie, I wasn't giving him the boot).
I went to take my harp back (I never blew this thing, but I used it as a
tramp for strangers so I wanted it back. Besides I didn't want him using it
to do the Gus thing all night) which is when he took a swing at me. I put
the pointy end of my JT30 below his nose and above his lip and he took a
diver on the floor (no worries, the crystal was undamaged). A couple of ZZ
Tops dragged him outside and his friends were asked to leave NOW.
Anyway, he got a busted lip, and I still have that slightly dented mic.

...which reminds of the time I played a wedding reception where the groom's
dad punched the bride.......but that's another Gus:)

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