Re: Gus Tale

You can if its a Renaissance!!!
Definitely capable of skull denting blows,
but they're too smooth and pretty to dent.

At 04:28 PM 9/22/03 +0000, you wrote:

>>From: Jp Pagan <jpl_pagan@xxxxxxxxx>
>>i was tempted to pull my harp out of my
>>pocket and bean him with it! (but i just couldn't toss
>>it, it was a Hot Rod! ;P)
>Reminds me of a joke I made up a few years ago:
>Q.  Why is an electric guitar better than a harmonica?
>A.  You can't beat a harmonica player to death with a harmonica.
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Gary Warren

"I take my woman on the beach, fellas, and set down in the sand
  and play."  Muddy Waters (Deep Down In Florida)

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