Re: Gus Hate Me

Mon. a.m.'s long gone now, but -
here's one the guitar-player told me when (harmonica content:) I put down my
for a break.  There's a great fiddler in New Brunswick named Eddie Poirier.
He was
playing at some kind of little outdoor festival, and some guy with a couple
of spoons
insinuated his way onto the stage (such as it was), managed to get himself
sitting right
next to Eddie, and was wailing away on the spoons.  Eddie put up with it for
finally, between tunes, he turned to this guy and said, "Let me see those
spoons" -
the guy willingly handed them over.  Eddie took them in one hand and flung
them off
the stage and into the adjoining field.  "There!" he said, and resumed

Speaking of the fiddle reminds me of one of my own Gussers.  As a young lad,
I once
found myself at a party sitting next to the fiddler Jarvis Benoit, whom I
greatly admired.
When he played a tune I knew, I cautiously played along.  He remarked with
that he liked the sound of the harmonica and fiddle together.  I took this
as sort of a
carte blanche, and began to play with increasing enthusiasm, and, no doubt,
Finally, Jarvis, who as well as being a great musician is about as
good-natured a
guy as you're ever going to meet, glanced impatiently at me in the middle of
a tune, and his
shoulders dropped in a movement that clearly meant he was about to stop.  I
stopped first,
immediately, so he continued playing without missing a beat.  I didn't know
if anyone else
caught what had happened, but it left me hanging my head for awhile.

- - thurg

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> Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 10:45:11 -0400
> From: "ChipComcast" <jandkday@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Gus Hate Me
>  Haha!  M. N.   That is a tough situation to be in.  I always like the
> who bangs a tambourine
> during our set.  If someone did that in Bobby Bland's day they would wind
> in a dumpster!
>     I think it' stems from the hippie/jam band thing.
> I seen a guy right before he took his harp solo at an open mic soak it in
> his beer then shake it everywhere.
>   Really Cool Man...haha!
>    Is it any wonder most other players are gun shy of harmonica players?
>    Anymore Gig from beyound stories out there?  I could use a Monday am
> laugh.
> Jimmy

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