Re: Gus confession

Andrew offers a second-hand Gus story:

> Finally, here's a gus story.
> My guitarist went to see Canned Heat play. At that time, their
> guitarist was the West Coast phenom, Junior Watson. At one point Jnr
> playing a solo and a guy in the front is gussing him. (This guy had
> gussed me at local gigs too...) Without missing a beat, Jnr goes
> on one knee, playing this tremendous solo, leans forward, opens his
> eyes and yells in the guy's face, "Shut the f*** up!" The guy almost
> ate the harp...

I was at a Jeff Healey show a couple of years back.
Some guy back in the back of the audience (near where I was sitting)
was gussing his butt off for the first 3 songs.
Finally, one of the bouncers (about 6'4" & 325) quietly approached the
guy, gently reached out and lowered the harmonica from the guys
lips....looked at him HARD, and just perceptively shook his head.
The guy almost peed himself, and I got to hear the rest of the show

- -Scorcher

(I wish ALL bouncers appreciated music so much!)

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