Re: forced to 1st position


It's possible that your friend really knew what he was doing.  First 
position might have been my first choice for that song.  I haven't 
actually tried it, but humming it in my head, it seems like a good 
straight harp song.  After many experiences like yours, I've learned to 
grab harps going both ways on the circle of fifths just in case (and 
maybe a couple of extra's) .  It may be just a security blanket kind of 
thing, but that's what pockets are for.

Howard Chandler

john kuzloski wrote:

> On his way to the stage (at the Jackson Hole Hootenanny), my buddy 
> Greg asked if I could play in Bb on Delia; he's a guitar 
> player/singer.  (I've trained him not to tell me which key harmonica 
> to play!)  I went to my auxiliary brown paper bag and pulled out an Eb 
> and a low Eb; I pretty much only play in 2nd position.  Well, as we 
> get going, I know I'm not in the right key!  Panic.  Fairly quickly 
> (thank goodness) I discover that he's playing in Eb and that I can get 
> by blowin' quietly in the 1 and 4 with occasional quick runs higher 
> up.  I'm thinking: did he say the song was in Eb, and in the rush I 
> got confused?  Coming off the stage, I said "That was in Eb."  He said 
> "No," (/slightly/ snobbishly).  He then caught me a bit later and 
> apologetically acknowledged that I was right.  I told him, yeah, and I 
> don't play in first position.  We were both laughing.  He said, "stick 
> with me, and I'll make a profes! sional outta you!" 
> I recounted the story to the fiddle player, and he had no sympathy, 
> reminding me that he doesn't carry a dozen fiddles around.  He later 
> said in the parking lot that guitar players who hang their capos from 
> their rearview mirror get to park in handicapped spaces.
> The whole thing was pretty funny, so I thought I would share.
> --john k.
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