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>> quick spray or two of a
>> > water-based polyurethane coating (I tried shellac but had a mild 
>> allergy).
Just out of curiosity, was the shellac you used a factory mix, or was it 
mixed from the flakes?  And, if you mixed your own, what did you use for 
a solvent.  The reason I ask, is that it may be that your allergy was 
due to the stuff they use to "denature" the alcohol used as the 
solvent.  The factory mixed stuff has all kinds of extra things to 
extend shelf life and improve drying properties.  Mixed from flakes 
youself is the best way to avoid these chemicals but there is a 
potential problem using the denatured alcohol available at the home 
center, which is purposely poisoned.   For the ultimate in purity use 
Evercleer (the stuff you get at a drug store and have to pay federal 
taxes for).

Also, what brand of waterbase do you use.  Does it come in a spray can, 
or do you load it into a spray bottle?

Thanks for all of the great info!

Howard Chandler

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