Gus Tale

i've yet to gig, so i don't have any Gus gig stories,
but one guy i'll never forget: it was 2 years ago at
the Chicago Blues Fest. James Cotton was playing, and
Carey Bell sat in for a couple of numbers. some
SCHMUCK was standing a few feet away from me honking
his harp, and i swear it was in the WRONG KEY, as
loudly as he could through just about every number! 
i mean, it's f*in JAMES COTTON! he's played with Muddy
Waters, he was being given an AWARD that day, and he's
like, not long for this world i think it's safe to
say, and this dude has the stones to honk along while
he's playing! i was tempted to pull my harp out of my
pocket and bean him with it! (but i just couldn't toss
it, it was a Hot Rod! ;P)

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