Re: Gus Hate Me

  Another dreaded gig archtype is the "Drunken Biker Chick who thinks she's
a stripper"

  Chrimminey!   Fix your teeth & lose some weight. LOL

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> >Before I knew what was happening, Gus used the chair to climb onstage,
> LOL.
> We had a Gus at our gig Saturday night. Man, he wanted SO bad to grab one
> our vocal mikes and play. I could see it written all over his face.
> But he couldn't, because we also had another dreaded gig archetype show
> the drunken wacko who dances wildly in front of the band. This guy was
> hopping back and forth, jumping up and down, and whirling around like an
> insane dervish. Because of the wacko's flailing arms and mosh pit dance
> style, the Gus couldn't get past him to get on stage!
> It was quite comical for us and the rest of the audience to watch.
> Jimbeau
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