Re: Chromatic octave tips? - scales - Clarke?

G's website advises practisng yr smiles - and practice them lots!

Not being a happy-jack at best of times it's a real bummer for me too - must be the chimpanzee inside.

On another note - I understand for blues you play 3rd position (?)

so does this mean most players stay within the D blues scale range all the way through the song or do they then go to to the G blues scale (play all over it) for the IV and the A blues scale for the V?(playing three different positions for a song - which i think sounds exciting if not difficult)

... as opposed to playing parts of those scales staying within the D - as you would playing 2nd position on a G diatonic..?

finally got to hear some William Clarke - The Hard Way - it's a hell of a cd and i guess there is some chrom in that from the sound of it?

The cd says this is the most 'jazziest' of his cds(?) and that the others are more bluesy -not complaining, mind you. Not at all.


>>> Dina Janzen and Jim Rossen <dlj@xxxxxx> 09/22/03 10:18am >>>

The big stretch needed for octaves on the chromatic is pretty uncomfortable.
Any technique advice for making the embroucher more comfortable?  Any
particular instrument/mouth piece easier for beginners?

Jim r

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