Re: Valve stoppers

Jimmy sez:

>   Thanks, scorcher and Bob.  It does not choke up when I ease up,
but a lot
> of times it is excitment or adrenaline or perhaps too much beer.

Man, I can name THAT tune....

Ironman Mike Curtis (for example) plays VERY expressively & tonefully
on a fully valved 'tonic... -VERY sensitive to technique when  bending
notes - He bends pushin' & pullin', and I can't tell when he's pushin'
or pullin' - his tone's that consistent.

I, on the other hand, am STILL strggling to get a half-decent-sounding
bend out of my valved Bb Oskar! (But I'm working on it!)

Kinda reminds me of the "custom" thread we've been discussing. Lots of
our best players get all that tone out of harmonicas that I'm sure I
couldn't play (because they're set-up for a very light, responsive

You just oughta know that you CAN play loud, spirited, soulful,
heartfelt, emotional music without playing too hard.

Who knows - maybe after you develop a subtle touch for the (valved)
chrom, you'll develop an appetite for custom 'tonics, too!

Could be worse, eh?

- -Scorcher

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