Re: Valve stoppers

Hi Jimmy,
The valves are there for a reason. They work somewhat like the way a turbo
charger works in a car, recirculating air to give more volume, because
chromatics are aerodynamically inefficent compared to a diatonic, but if you
remove them, they'll be considerably more difficult to play at even the
softest volume. These valves prevent you from bending more than 1/4 step
flat, and if the reeds seem to choke, the REAL culprit 99 times out of 100
is that you're trying to play them like a diatonic, and that obviously means
you're playing WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY too hard. You need to ease your way
into it or you'll never be rid of this problem, no matter what. Bottom line:
It ain't the harp or the valves, it's your playing technique! That's the
cold, hard, brutal truth!!

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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 Quick question for the harpmen...

    I am starting to play 270's & 64 Chromatics in the style of George
Smith,Rod Piazza,Mark Hummel, Dennis Grueling et. al.

   Many times while playing live I am chocked off by the valve stoppers,
paticularly with big chords and "bends."

  Before I potentially mangle these expensive harps, do people snip or
remove these valve stoppers and if so will it damage my harps.


  Jimmy Day

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