Mics, amps and harp stuff for sale

Hi Guys,
First, thanks to everyone for their input on my Bassman transformer 
questions, I am now well on the way to getting my 1960 restored.  As 
mentioned, I now need to clear out a few things to justify the $$ spent 
on this thing.  I will try to keep this post relatively short, and am 
not putting everything I own up for sale, but here are a bunch of my 
spares;  email for details on anything you're interested in.  It's been 
a couple of years since I put anything up for sale here, and will 
probably be that long again.  I do have some other related stuff but 
here's a list with prices in this "pre-ebay" sale  for harp-lers (I do 
sell stuff, mostly guitars, on ebay as jkally so you can see what my 
feedback looks like), if anything seems out of line you can make 
offers.  Here goes:
Shure Mics:
PE585VC: high impedance with built in volume control $85, not easy to 
PE585 with on-off switch $45
PE585, really beat up but works $30
70s? Green Bullet with Mexican controlled magnetic element, includes 
transformer $65
SLIM X  like Little Walter, it's Dead! $12 also a Calrad  100c copy, 
equally dead, like the Monarch, $8, maybe you can use the shells for 
535SA, $25
SM545S old 4 pin model, $60, no cord
SM545 XLR version, $40 (head a little loose, email for details)
SM58, 80s? $50
SM58, older, with switch, $50
SM57, $50
SM58, early dual impedance model, $50
641, uses screw-on adapter , $45
641, two-pin cord style, no cord so as is since I can't test easily, $10
EV605, an old one, $40
457A, modern PA mic, good for acoustic harp/vocals, $35
AR-54 Japan,  another brand  of the so called  Big Walter mic, these 
also show up as Monarch and Calrad I think, like new with box and built 
in cord with female screw-on end, $50
Blues Blaster with cord, $65
  old 50s/early 60s Gibson GA5, changed alnico speaker and no handle, 
Valco National  McKinney Singing Electric 50s amp,  serviced, $250
Also will consider selling:  1960 Tweed Fender Champ, 1961/2 white 
Fender Twin, 1968/9 Super Reverb and Twin, 1957 Vibrolux with pedal but 
too many details to just put up a price so email for particulars.
Unusual double volume control box for two screw-on connectors, to one 
out (a passive line mini-mixer) from 1960s?  Cute! $15

HUANG 12 hole in BEBOP tuning, bought from "G", hardly used, $60.  
HERING Baritono, barely used but lots of valve rattles, $25.  BILL 
ROMEL customised Super 64 with anodized plated, early straight-tuned, 
lucite comb, $175 (cost more than this to have it done!).
I'll pay shipping on everything except amps for US buyers (amps will be 
$20 each to mail in US) , and will charge just exact mailing elsewhere. 
  Email for details as cosmetics on many of these items are not great as 
they have definitely seen some use.  ALSO, please note the date of this 
post; once it goes into the archives I've sometimes had emails a year 
later on stuff that went right out.
Thanks again.

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