toxicity of sealants

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>From: "M. N." <mnessmith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>When I get a new MB, I immediately do this to the plates. Then I take that
> > key sticker from the box and put it on the top cover plate and coat it
> > a dab of clear nail polish for longevity; then I take the reed plates 
> > and adjust the gaps; and give the combs a quick spray or two of a
> > water-based polyurethane coating (I tried shellac but had a mild 
> > Once they've dried and I have the reeds gapped the way I want, I
> > using needle-nose pliers to jam those little nails back

Rob replies:
>From: "Robert Paparozzi" <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>     Great tweaking tips for the MB, but I was wondering about the health
>effects of "Clear Nail Polish" and "polyurethane"......................are
>they totally safe when dry??? just wondering about putting all this in our
>mouth for hours of  wet sucking and blowing!
>all the best......rob paparozzi

The way I hear it, after these sealants dry they are non-toxic.
Michael Peloquin

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